Major Gifts Initiative

Join us on our journey to owning our new home!
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This has been a growing year for The ARK. The ARK team is spreading the message of the major gifts initiative underway to help support The ARK house and programs. The ARK is raising $600,000 to pay off the mortgage of the house and can officially say they are over half way towards their goal.

In our new location, we can:

  • Fulfill our mission with greater capacity 
  • Expand existing programs for caregivers and care receivers
  • Expand law enforcement and first responder training, as well as implement future programs for early memory loss education and corporate workshops for caregivers in the workplace

Why the expansion is necessary:

  • Had outgrown the space for our services
  • The ARK’s new location provides growth and potential for further growth
  • The area is growing with new industries which brings more families
  • The ARK requires increased space for adequate mobility and services for participants
  • Adequate office space for all staff, which increases staff productivity and brings more effective support to ADRD families 
  • Conference rooms serve as educational classrooms, with needed supplies at hand, and a designated area for private caregiver consultations 
  • Beautiful landscaped yard will allow outdoor respite activities 

There has been some confusion that The ARK “purchased” the house. When in actuality, five wonderful families in the community created an LLC while working with First National Bank of South Carolina to back the loan for the property. This allows The ARK until 2022 to raise the funds to purchase the home from the LLC. “We have been so grateful to have the support from First National Bank and the five families who created the LLC.

We have been privileged to serve so many families over the last 24 years. Our relationships with our families, volunteers, staff, community partners, generous donors and grantors have made it all possible. I am in awe of the many lives The ARK has touched and how enriched they all have made our lives” says Peg Lahmeyer, executive director. This is where we need you, please join us on this journey of The ARK owning “The ARK House”.

To get involved, contact The ARK today at