Insightful webinar with Teepa Snow for Male Caregivers


Sep 17


Are You a Male Care Partner in Need of Support?

Join this insightful webinar with Teepa Snow

 Dementia Care and Support for Male Care Providers

Live Webinar Event  

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017  

Why Should You Join this Webinar?
The number of males entering either the professional or family caregiving world in dementia is increasing each month. Many factors, including societal expectations, past life experiences, biases, and unfamiliarity with changing roles, can result in frustrating, risky, and even dangerous situations for all involved. This webinar will explore common concerns and issues around male caregivers, and will address possible factors that can be modified to improve outcomes and relationships for everyone.
In this webinar, Teepa will:
  1. Explore current male caregiving statistics and common issues and concerns associated with males in the traditionally female personal care support roles.
  2. Compare and contrast male and female caregiving styles and expectations in common dementia situations.
  3. Discuss key elements and options that may be useful in improving interactions and outcomes among team members that include male care providers.


Reference: Teepa Snow

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