Your investment can help us guarantee that The ARK will continue to be a healing balm to families.

Of the 80,000 South Carolinians with diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease or dementia:

  • 63% have Alzheimer’s disease
  • 15% have a dementia due to stroke
  • 22% have a dementia related to other chronic conditions
  • 67% live in the community not a nursing home
  • 65% are women
  • 31% are African American
  • 41% of those with Alzheimer’s disease are 85 years or older

Source: 2010 SC Alzheimer’s Registry, USC Arnold School of Public Health

Donate to The ARK

Your donation is an investment in this proven program. The ARK accepts donations of cash, stock and real estate. Another option is a bequest in your life insurance or your will, which is beneficial for both you and The ARK.

Please refer to the contact information below if you would like to discuss opportunities and options!

Megan Severn, Development Director |
(843) 471-1360

Where your donation goes:

  • $25 buys supplies: paper, art supplies
  • $40 covers transportation for one member for a week
  • $120 pays for a full week of respite care, or one day a week for a month
  • $500 will purchase educational supplies for support groups, caregivers and seminars for the entire year
  • $1,560 provides a scholarship for one person, one day each week, for a full year (almost 75% of our members are on scholarship)
Donate to The ARK

How would your life change if you or a loved one received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s? Where would you turn for help? Since 1996, one answer has been The ARK.

The ARK has offered me an opportunity to have a couple hours to do things on my own. As a full time caregiver, it is very stressful. The ARK is a blessing. To be able to have my wife attend for that time allows me to have a break and get away as a caregiver”.

Leon Amos, caregiving for his wife who attends the ARK.